The RABapp™ staff work with the companies and producers from zero to the finishing line. The RABapp™ has stablished the necessary methodology to achieve SPS plans standardization listed below:

  1. Develop a protocol for cataloging, reviewing, and approving biosecurity plans, for all 169 fields on a SPS on-farm biosecurity plan.
  2. Digitize hand-drawn premise maps into GIS map files.
  3. Receive, curate, and integrate animal movement data with biosecurity plans and GIS maps.

Boar Studs Production site with mature boars (inventory) that distribute semen to other production sites. (e.g. boar stud, with or without on-site isolation).
Breeding Herd Production site with breeding females and house >= 1,000 breeder or feeder swine. (e.g. breed-to-wean, breeding/gestation or farrowing only, with or without on-site gilt isolation/grow-out).
Growing Pig Production site with >= 1,000 feeder swine (nursery, grower, or finisher).
Farrow to Feeder or Farrow to Finish Production site with breeding females, grow feeder swine for purposes other than breeding stock replacement for this particular farm site, and house >=1,000 breeder or feeder swine.
Small Holding Production sites with >= 100 and < 1,000 breeder or feeder swine.
Non-commercial Production sites with < 100 breeder or feeder swine.