Graduate Students

  • 1) PhD (1x)-available PhD student position on the computational modeling of swine diseases.

  • 2) At NCSU, students can apply to graduate program and/or directly to the lab.

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • 1) Postdoctoral-available-We are searching for a postdoctoral research scholar skilled in infectious disease modeling to join our team immediately. This position will be primarily involved with the development of new computational model for analyzing the spread of diseases among food-animal population.

or Inquiries about Postdoctoral positions should be emailed directly to Gustavo Machado. Candidates will be encouraged to explore applying for extramural fellowships.

Software developer for The Rapid Access Biosecurity (RAB) app™

Other Visitors

In the past, our lab has enjoyed having foreign exchange students, interns, from academia and industry. We are open to other arrangements as well.