Manuel Jara Postdoctoral researcher, 2018 - 2019  →  Postdoctoral researcher @ NC State

Cameron Ellington Graduate Student and Resident, 2021 - 2022  →  Poultry veterinarian @ Prestage Farms of South Carolina, LLC

Dorothy Smith Research assistant, 2021 - 2022  →  UC Berkeley, Assistant Biosafety Officer

Parker Trostle PhD student completed 2022  →  TBD

João Marcos N. da Costa PhD student completed 2022  →  Brazilian Animal Health Official at MAPA


Who are they University
Dr Joaquin M. Prada University of Surrey
Dr Chris Jones North Carolina State University
Dr Andréia G. Arruda The Ohio State University
Dr Cesar Corzo University of Minnesota
Dr Corinne Bromfield University of Missouri
Dr Elizabeth Hines University of Pennsylvania
Dr Meghann Pierdon University of Pennsylvania