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2022 (Preprints)

  1. Janoušková, E., Rokhsar, J., Jara, M., Entezami, M.,Horton, D.L., Ricardo A.D.,Machado, G., Prada, J. Quantifying spillover risk with an integrated bat-rabies dynamic modeling framework (arXiv)
  2. da Costa, J.M.N., Cobellini, L.G., Cardenas, N.C., Groff, F.H.S., Machado, G*. Assessing epidemiological parameters and dissemination characteristics of the 2000 and 2001 foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (biorxiv)
  3. Cardenas, N.C., Lopes, F.P.N., Machado, G*. Modeling foot-and-mouth disease dissemination in Brazil and evaluating the effectiveness of control measures (biorxiv)
  4. Sykes, A.L. Galvis, J.A., O’Hara, K.C., Corzo,C., Machado, G*. Estimating the effectiveness of control and eradication actions on African swine fever transmission in commercial swine populations in the United States (biorxiv)

Latest list

149-A discrete-time survival model for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus–(2022)
Trostle, P., Corzo, C, Reich, B.J., Machado,G.*–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

148-Modeling between-farm transmission dynamics of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus: characterizing the dominant transmission routes–(2022)
Galvis, J.A., Corzo, C, Prada, J.M, Machado,G.*–Preventive Veterinary Medicine

147-Coupling spatial statistics with social network analysis to estimate distinct risk areas of disease circulation to improve risk-based surveillance–(2022)
Cardenas, N.C., Sanchez, F., Lopes F.P.N., Machado,G.*–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

146-Modelling African swine fever virus spread in pigs using time-respective network data: Scientific support for decision-makers–(2022)
Andraud, M.,Brandon, P.H., Hayes,H., Galvis, J.A., Vergne, T., Machado,G., Rose, N.–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

145-Culturable microbial population from the upper respiratory tract of 1,010 clinically healthy horses in Southern Brazil–(2022)
Espíndola, J.,Machado, G., Diehl, G.,Dos Santos, L., Vargas, A., Gressler, L.–Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

144-Impact of mass vaccination on the spatiotemporal dynamics of FMD outbreaks in India, 2008–2016–(2022)
Gunasekera, U. ,Biswal, J.K., Machado,G., Ranjan, R., Subramaniam, S., Rout, M., Mohapatra, J.K., Pattnaik, B., Singh, R.P., Arzt, J., Perez, A., VanderWaal, K.–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

143-Multiple species animal movements: network properties, disease dynamic and the impact of targeted control actions–(2022)
Cardenas, N.C. ,Sykes, A.L., Lopes F.P.N., Machado,G.*–Veterinary Research

142-Unraveling the contact network patterns between commercial turkey operation in North Carolina and the distribution of Salmonella species–(2021)
Ellington, C., Hebron, C., Crespo., Machado, G.*–Pathogens

141-Modelling and assessing additional transmission routes for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus: vehicle movements and feed ingredients–(2021)
Galvis, J.A., Corzo, C, Machado,G.*–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

140-MrIML: Multi-response interpretable machine learning to model genomic landscapes–(2021)
Fountain-Jones,N.M., Kozakiewicz,C.P., Forester,B.R., Landguth,E.L., Carver,S., Charleston,M., Gagne,R.B., Greenwell,B., Kraberger,S., Trumbo,D.R., Mayer,M., Clark,N.J., Machado,G.–Molecular Ecology Resources

139-Interpretable machine learning applied to on-farm biosecurity and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus–(2021)
Sykes,A.L., Silva,S.G., Holtkamp,J.D., Mauch,W.B., Osemeke,O., Linhares,C.L.D., Machado,G.*–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

138-Development of a dissemination platform for spatiotemporal and phylogenetic analysis of avian infectious bronchitis virus–(2021)
Jara, M., Crespo, C., Roberts, D., Chapman, A., Banda, A., Machado, G.*–Frontiers in Veterinary Science

137-Modeling the role of mortality-based response triggers on the effectiveness of African swine fever control strategies–(2021)
Machado, G., Farthing, T., Andraud, M., Lopes, F.P.N., Lanzas, C.–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

136-Impact of changes of horse movement regulations on the risks of equine infectious anemia: a risk assessment approach–(2021)
Machado, G., Corbellini, L.G., Frias-De-Diego, A., Dieh, G.N., Dos Santos, D.V., Jara, M. & de Freitas Costa, E.–Preventive Veterinary Medicine

135-The Potential Distribution of Pythium insidiosum in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia–(2021)
Jara, M., Holcomb, K., Wang, X., Goss, E.M.† & Machado, G.*†–Frontiers in Veterinary Science

134-Modeling the transmission and vaccination strategy for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus–(2021)
Galvis, J. A., Corzo, A.C., Prada, J., & Machado, G.*–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

133-The between‐farm transmission dynamics of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus: A short‐term forecast modeling comparison and the effectiveness of control strategies–(2021)
Galvis, J. A., Prada, J., Jones, C., Corzo, A.C., & Machado, G.*–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

132-Quantifying the dynamics of pig movements improves targeted disease surveillance and control plans–(2020)
Machado, G.* , Galvis, J. A., Lopes, F. P. N., Voges, J., Medeiros, A. A. R., & Cárdenas, N. C.–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

131-Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus dissemination across pig production systems in the United States–(2020)
Jara, M., Rasmussen, D., Corzo, C. A., & Machado, G.*–Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

130-Nairobi Sheep Disease Virus: A Historical and Epidemiological Perspective–(2020)
Krasteva, S., Jara, M., Frias-De-Diego, A., & Machado, G.*–Frontiers in Veterinary Science

129-Phylogeography of Equine Infectious Anemia Virus–(2020)
Jara, M., Frias-De-Diego, A., & Machado, G.*–Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

128-Information differences across spatial resolutions and scales for disease surveillance and analysis: The case of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Brazil–(2020)
Servadio, J. L., Machado, G.*, Alvarez, J., de Ferreira Lima Júnior, F. E., Vieira Alves, R., & Convertino, M.–PLOS ONE

127-The ecology of chronic wasting disease in wildlife–(2020)
Escobar, L. E., Pritzkow, S., Winter, S. N., Grear, D. A., Kirchgessner, M. S., Dominguez-Villegas, E., Machado, G.* , Soto, C.–Biological Reviews