Anna Isabel Caputti Pereira Suñé, DVM, MSc (external)
Anna Isabel Caputti Pereira Suñé, DVM, MSc (external)
Graduate Student (External)


Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from Universidade da Região da Campanha and Master in Veterinary Sciences from Universidade Federal de Pelotas. She works as a state agricultural inspector at the Rio Grande do Sul Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development and is pursuing a doctorate under the guidance of Dr Julio Otavio Jardim Barcellos at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, with production systems in beef cattle as a line of research. She has experience in the area of ​​agricultural defense, movement and disease control and beef production chain. Currently works with Dr Machado in evaluating the perception of agents in the beef production chain on the adoption of traceability in cattle as a tool for disease control and management of the chain.