Gustavo Machado
Gustavo Machado
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Dr. Gustavo Machado is a 2010 graduate of the Veterinary College at the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil. Dr. Machado completed a Master of Science in veterinary epidemiology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil in 2013. Dr. Gustavo developed machine learning tools applied to epidemiology while pursuing his PhD in 2016. In 2016 he held a position as assistant professor in the Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. He subsequently completed a postdoctoral associate position in the Veterinary Population Medicine Department, at the University of Minnesota. In January 2018, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health and Pathobiology at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine to lead research on transboundary epidemiology. Dr. Machado’s main research focus is to investigate the occurrence and spread of animal infectious diseases, especially transboundary disease, providing science-based support for decision making with regard to prevention and control. Currently, Dr. Machado’s research is focused on mathematical modeling and traditional statistics for practical mapping of the spread of infectious diseases among pig populations. Dr. Machado has authored or co-authored more than 140 peer-reviewed publications in the field of animal disease and epidemiology.

In addition to all the exciting developments in the lab, Dr. Machado has a long standing interest in teaching disease epidemiology and developing and deploying capacity building for official veterinary services nationally and internationally.

Selected publications

1922 citations · h-index: 23
Last updated 30 April 2022

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Metric Title
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